Scriptwriting Certificate of Achievement - Active
Department: Cinema
Approval: May 2019
Effective Semester: Spring 2020

The Scriptwriting Certificate of Achievement provides students with knowledge of and skills in scriptwriting for a broad range of media, including non-fiction and narrative film, broadcast, radio, electronic media, and journalism.  Students gain knowledge of professional formats, research methods, story elements, visual grammar, and aesthetic considerations, in the course of developing scriptwriting skills specific to each format.  With a required curriculum that spans writing for narrative and non-fiction film and electronic media, and cross-departmental electives, the Certificate expands students’ understanding of historical, cultural, and political contexts, and of informational, entertainment and persuasive uses of media, providing solid grounding for continued education at a 4-year university and for entry-level employment as scriptwriters, content developers, story editors, and writer/producers. 

With completion of this Certificate possible entry-level employment opportunities include: Broadcast Journalist, Video Writer/Producer for cultural, educational, informational and and commercial applications, Computer App Writer/Producer, Advertising Copywriter, Writer/Designer of website narratives, Content Developer, Documentarian, Screenwriter, Independent Filmmaker, Game writer/designer/story editor/storyboard artist.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:
The minimum time for completion of this certificate is 2 semesters. Completion time will vary based on student preparation and number of classes completed per semester.
Courses Required for the Certificate of Achievement in Scriptwriting
Course Units
Required courses:
CINE 72 - Nonfiction Scriptwriting 3.00
CINE 75 - Screenwriting 3.00
CINE 85 - Advanced Screenwriting 3.00
BCST 110 - Introduction to Writing for Electronic Media 3.00
Total: 12.00
Select one of the following Film History/Studies courses:
CINE 18 - American Cinema 3.00
CINE 19 - Documentary, Digital Media and Society 3.00
CINE 20A - Film History: Evolution of Film Expression 3.00
CINE 20B - Film History: Contemporary Film Expression 3.00
CINE 21 - Introduction to Film Studies 3.00
CINE 22 - The Documentary Tradition 3.00
CINE 23A - Films of Alfred Hitchcock 3.00
CINE 23B - Focus on Film Noir 3.00
Total: 3.00
Choose one of the following elective courses:
ASAM 30 - Asian American Issues Through Film 3.00
BCST 104 - Race and Media 3.00
ENGL 35A - Introduction to Writing Fiction 3.00
ENGL 35G - Introduction to Writing Creative Nonfiction 3.00
ENGL 51 - The Graphic Novel as Literature 3.00
ENGL 61 - Literature and Film 3.00
IDST 14 - American Cultures in Literature and Film 3.00
LBCS 104A - Work Tales- Beginning Performance 3.00
LGBT 12 - Contemporary LGBTQ Film 3.00
PHST 30 - Philippine Society and Culture Through Film 3.00
TH A 171A - Beginning Storytelling and Performance 3.00
VMD 166 - Storytelling and Storyboarding 3.00
Total: 3.00
Total: 18.00