Cannabis Studies AA Major - In Review
Department: Behavioral Sciences
Approval: February 2020
Effective Semester: Spring 2021

The Cannabis Studies Major is an introduction to the complex biopsychosocial relationship of humans to cannabis in multiple cultural, institutional, and interpersonal contexts. This major is grounded in Behavioral Sciences and addresses how intersecting identities, geography, and historicity frame the conversations and implications of cannabis and its use. This major incorporates anthropology, biological psychology, and sociology. It provides a unique examination of the constructions of cannabis as a product, a psychoactive substance, a behavior, and a form of deviance, revolution, criminality, spirituality, and ethnomedicine; depending upon cultural standpoint, time and global location. It also uses a social justice framework to analyze public policy, rhetoric, and health.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

The minimum time for completion is 4 semesters. Completion time will vary based on student preparation and number of units completed per semester.

Courses Required for the Major in Cannabis Studies AA
Course Units
Required Courses
SOC 55 - Introduction to Cannabis Studies 3.00
ANTH 50 - Anthropology of Cannabis 3.00
PSYC 50 - Psychology of Psychoactive Drugs 3.00
Total: 9.00
Choose 9 units from the following
ADMJ 65 - Criminal Justice, Drugs, Crime and the Law 3.00
ANTH 8 - Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion 3.00
HLTH 30 - Drugs, Health, and Society 3.00
LALS 11 - Drug Wars in the Americas 3.00
Total: 9.00
Total: 18.00