Critical Pacific Islands & Oceania Studies Certificate of Achievement - Active
Department: Interdisciplinary Studies
Approval: October 2016
Effective Semester: Spring 2019

The Critical Pacific Islands & Oceania Studies Associate of Arts degree introduces students to a substantive and critical analysis of Pacific peoples and cultures in the U.S. diaspora and beyond. Centering on the voices of native Pacific Islanders, this interdisciplinary curriculum examines historical and contemporary topics, including colonization, militarization, social movements, diversity, social justice, and immigration.  All required courses meet University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) transfer requirements and/or City College of San Francisco General Education (GE) area requirements A (Communication & Analytical Thinking), C (Natural Sciences), D (Behavioral and Social Sciences) E (Humanities), and H1 (Ethnic Studies).

The program is ideal for those whose work involves interacting with native Pacific Islanders and other communities of color such as service providers, health practitioners, law enforcement officers, researchers, teachers, and administrators and staff-members in community-based organizations, and social and government agencies. The program should also encourage students to further their educational aspirations through the completion of an associate's degree and successfully transferring to a four-year university.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

Each course must be completed with a grade of C or higher, or pass.

Minimum time for completion is two semesters.  Completion time will vary based on student preparation and number of units completed per semester.

Courses Required for the Certificate of Achievement in Critical Pacific Islands & Oceania Studies
Course Units
Required core courses:
IDST 45 - Pacific Islanders in the U.S. 3.00
IDST 46 - Fa'a Pasefika: Interdisciplinary Cultural Expressions of Oceania 3.00
IDST 50 - College Success 3.00
Total: 9.00
Choose two units from the following Diversity and Social Justice courses:
IDST 80A - Diversity and Social Justice: Racism 0.50
IDST 80C - Diversity and Social Justice: Sexism 0.50
IDST 80D - Diversity and Social Justice: Heterosexism 0.50
IDST 80E - Diversity and Social Justice: Ableism 0.50
IDST 80F - Diversity and Social Justice: Class and Classism 0.50
IDST 80G - Diversity and Social Justice: Transphobia 0.50
IDST 81A - Diversity: Ageism and Adultism (Age-based Oppression) 1.00
IDST 81B - Diversity and Social Justice: Anti-Semitism/Anti-Arabism 1.00
Total: 2.00
Choose one of the following Life, Land, Ocean, and Cosmos science course combinations:
Options listed below are all combinations of lecture and lab. When you choose an option, you must choose the lecture and lab that go together as indicated with the "and".
ASTR 19 - Galaxies and the Universe 3.00
ASTR 16 - Observational Astronomy 1.00
BIO 32 - Marine Biology 3.00
BIO 32L - Marine Biology Laboratory 1.00
ENRG 3 - Introduction to Alternative Energy 3.00
ENRG 3L - Introduction to Alternative Energy Laboratory 1.00
GEOG 1 - Physical Geography 3.00
GEOG 1L - Physical Geography Laboratory 1.00
GEOL 10 - Physical Geology 3.00
GEOL 10L - Physical Geology Lab 2.00
OCAN 1 - Oceanography 3.00
OCAN 1L - Oceanography Lab 2.00
P SC 11 - Conceptual Physical Science 3.00
P SC 11L - Physical Science Laboratory 1.00
SUST 31/GEOG 31 - Introduction to Environmental Science 3.00
SUST 31L /BIO 31L /GEOG 31L - Environmental Science Laboratory 1.00
Total: 4.00 - 5.00
Choose three (3) units from the following elective courses:
ASAM 8 - Filipino American Community 3.00
ANTH 15 - Philippine Culture and Society 3.00
CINE 22 - The Documentary Tradition 3.00
GEOG 4 - Cultural Geography 3.00
IDST 4 - Ways of Faith 3.00
IDST 7 - Introduction to the United Nations 3.00
IDST 14 - American Cultures in Literature and Film 3.00
IDST 27A - Asian Humanities: Classical Period 3.00
IDST 27B - Asian Humanities: Contemporary 3.00
IDST 29 - Islam: Identity & Culture 3.00
IDST 30 - Demystifying the Middle East 3.00
IDST 36 - Poetry for the People 3.00
IDST 37 - Introduction to Ethnic Studies 3.00
IDST 40 - Contemporary Issues in the Filipino Community 3.00
IDST 42 - Introduction to Philippine Arts 3.00
LGBT 9/LALS 9 - The Latin American and Latina/o LGBT Experience 3.00
PHST 20 - The Filipino Family 3.00
PHST 30 - Philippine Society and Culture Through Film 3.00
WGST 20 - Her/His/Ourstories 3.00
Total: 3.00
Total: 18.00 - 19.00