Basic Computer Concepts Noncredit Certificate - Active
Department: Business
Approval: December 2011

Program Goal. To develop basic competency skills using applications such as Microsoft Windows, email, searching the Internet and proper keyboarding techniques.

Program Advisory. Completion of noncredit ESL levels 5/6 or placement in ESL levels 7/8

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:
The minimum time for completion of this certificate is 1 semester. Completion time will vary based on student preparation and number of classes completed per semester.
Courses Required for the Noncredit Certificate in Basic Computer Concepts
Course Hours
Required courses:
BOSS 5500 - Keyboarding for Computers 45.00
COMP 9905 - Intro to Windows for MS Office Applications 45.00
COMP 9921 - The Internet and Social Customer Service 45.00
Total: 135.00
Total: 135.00