Customer Service Noncredit Certificate - Active
Department: Business
Approval: March 2016
Effective Semester: Fall 2016
Program Goal. To develop written, oral communication, and job preparation skills as well as effective ways to service and maintain customers or clients in private and non-profit business in person, by telephone, email, and/or through social media.   Please consult top 10 skills, top 10 knowledge requirements, top 10 work activities for administrative support, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Guides, and labor market projections for customer service at
Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

Exit Requirements. Successful completion of all courses with a passing grade of ā€œCā€ or higher. Minimum attendance of 80% in all courses.  Typing 30+ net wpm in a timed test with 90% accuracy.  Completion of certificate coursework within one or two consecutive semesters.

Advisory Entrance Requirements. ESLN 3700 or TRST 2321.

The minimum time for completion of this certificate is two semesters. Completion time will vary based on student preparation and number of units completed per semester.

Courses Required for the Noncredit Certificate in Customer Service
Course Hours
Required courses:
BOSS 3502 - Customer Service Principles & Soft Skills 45.00
COMP 9921 - The Internet and Social Customer Service 45.00
BOSS 4500 - Business English I 45.00
BOSS 4510 - Business Communications 45.00
BOSS 5509 - Office Procedures for the 21 st Century 45.00
BOSS 5500 - Keyboarding for Computers 45.00
BOSS 3500 - Job Preparation 45.00
Total: 315.00
Total: 315.00