Critical Middle East /South West Asia and North Africa Studies Major - Active
Department: Interdisciplinary Studies
Approval: May 2018
Effective Semester: Spring 2019

The Critical Middle East Studies Associate's of Arts degree introduces students to an analysis of the history, politics, society, culture and religions of the Middle East/South West Asia and North Africa (SWANA) with attention to major events in the region and their representations and impacts across the Diaspora, especially in the United States. The program integrates area studies, ethnic studies, gender studies, and interdisciplinary methodologies. The required 3 unit courses are University of California and California State University transferable and collectively meet graduation area requirements in D-Social Sciences, E-Humanities, and H1-Diversity.

The program appeals to diverse students, including international students, who plan careers in many areas in the Humanities and Social Sciences with an emphasis in the Middle East/SWANA such as Religious Studies, International Relations, International Law, Global Studies, Political Science, Ethnic Studies, History, Language and Literature. The program primarily serves students who are transferring to a four-year university and additionally serves as professional development for employers, community-based organizations and social and government agencies.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:
Minimum time for completion is four semesters.  Completion time will vary based on student preparation and number of units completed per semester.
Courses Required for the Major in Critical Middle East /South West Asia and North Africa Studies
Course Units
Required core courses:
IDST 29 - Islam: Identity & Culture 3.00
IDST 30 - Demystifying the Middle East 3.00
IDST 31 - Women and Gender in the Middle East 3.00
IDST 81B - Diversity and Social Justice: Anti-Semitism/Anti-Arabism 1.00
POLS 45 - Governments and Politics of Middle East 3.00
Total: 13.00
Choose (2) units from the following Diversity and Social Justice courses:
IDST 80A - Diversity and Social Justice: Racism 0.50
IDST 80C - Diversity and Social Justice: Sexism 0.50
IDST 80D - Diversity and Social Justice: Heterosexism 0.50
IDST 80E - Diversity and Social Justice: Ableism 0.50
IDST 80F - Diversity and Social Justice: Class and Classism 0.50
IDST 80G - Diversity and Social Justice: Transphobia 0.50
IDST 81A - Diversity: Ageism and Adultism (Age-based Oppression) 1.00
Total: 2.00
Choose one of the following Social Justice courses for a minimum of 3 units:
IDST 37 - Introduction to Ethnic Studies 3.00
LGBT 5 - Introduction to Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender Studies 3.00
WGST 25 - Introduction to Women's Studies: Feminism Demystified 3.00
SOC 25 - Sex and Gender in American Society 3.00
Total: 3.00
Choose one of the following electives for a minimum of 3 units:
ART 104 - Asian Art History 3.00
ARCH 31A - History of Architecture 3.00
ARCH 31B - History of Architecture 3.00
BCST 104 - Race and Media 3.00
ECON 6 - International Economics 3.00
ENGL 44A - Survey of World Literature, Part 1: Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern 3.00
ENGL 44B - Survey of World Literature, Part II: Early Modern to the Present 3.00
GEOG 4 - Cultural Geography 3.00
HUM 7 - Comparative Religions 3.00
HUM 8 - Philosophies of Religion 3.00
IDST 4 - Ways of Faith 3.00
IDST 7 - Introduction to the United Nations 3.00
IDST 14 - American Cultures in Literature and Film 3.00
IDST 27A - Asian Humanities: Classical Period 3.00
IDST 27B - Asian Humanities: Contemporary 3.00
IDST 36 - Poetry for the People 3.00
IDST 40 - Contemporary Issues in the Filipino Community 3.00
IDST 42 - Introduction to Philippine Arts 3.00
IDST 45 - Pacific Islanders in the U.S. 3.00
IDST 46 - Fa'a Pasefika: Interdisciplinary Cultural Expressions of Oceania 3.00
IDST 47 - Trauma and the Arts: An Interdisciplinary Approach 3.00
LGBT 55 - Contemporary Global LGBT Art and Culture 3.00
MUS 41 - African Drumming Ensemble 3.00
POLS 2 - Comparative Government 3.00
POLS 5 - International Relations 3.00
WGST 20 - Her/His/Ourstories 3.00
Total: 3.00
Total: 21.00